2 rap NanoTechnology – Nano is dangerous – Science Music Video – Coma Niddy

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Nov 292012

Subscribe here: goo.gl Watch SciTunes: goo.gl nanotechnology is dangerous, but also everything else! Learn about the dangers and wonders of nano. Download our songs on The Cloud: soundcloud.com Subscribe to my channel: www.youtube.com Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Check out my blog: www. comaniddy.com Follow me on Tumblr www.comaniddy.tumblr.com More www.nanopinch.com http www.nisenet.org Nano “Nano Dangerous”, written by Michael Wilson (coma niddy) Vybe Beatz www.soundclick.com beaten by directed by Michael Wilson (niddy coma) and Jennifer Sharma cast: Akash Sharma December Alyssa Charlotte Martin Jennifer Correa Maria Taveras TARRON green camera, editing, effects &: Michael Wilson (coma niddy) Lyrics: [Verse 1 – Radiation and the gasoline] Before we begin to fear Nano Technology say that it’s dangerous, consider this information each time you use a mobile device could expose you to harmful radiation assuming that it is in small quantities or even nominal Nano Everyone is obsessed by checking their Facebook pages, we can not deny we rely on these everyday things The benefits outweigh the risks, so we take it now before you hate To say that nanotechnology is deadly and can be used as a weapon gasoline is injected into your SUV is flammable and can explode every second that doesn ‘t prevent us from driving hummers and Jetta PORCH If UPS used horses, it should always We can not deny that we use and abuse
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GeneWize Official Company Video

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Sep 102012

GeneWize Life Sciences is launching pioneering health, beauty and well-being, health products that offer solutions genetically guided and personal care products based on your unique genetic profile and personal. Your compositions are 100% personalized. No more “one size fits all”! ‘GeneWize’s impeccably accredited scientific group is comprised of leading scientists and researchers in the fields of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, clinical laboratory medicine and nutritional sciences. As a group, they have more than 600 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts, numerous awards, dozens of patents and distinguished careers with some companies in the world biosciences all public and private, as well as universities. Robert Keller MD Robert Ricciardi Ph.D. Bernard Kasten MD Robert Kagan Donald J. MDFCAP Cannon Ph.D. Harold Harrison MD Ph.DFCAP ‘GeneLink Biosciences, Inc., a development pipeline of the parent company incorporates significant areas of medical research and pharmacogenomics as genetic assessments for early detection of the disease of Alzheimer’s and dementia, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and innovative methods for DNA collection. May 1, 2007, the parent company of GeneWize, GeneLink, Inc. obtained a U.S. patent for “kits and methods for assessing skin health” – the third patent to be granted a family of patent applications filed by the GeneLink United States and abroad. GeneLink, Inc. is the first (and only) company to give
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