Plastics waste into oil.

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Oct 042012

Plastic waste into oil machine (Homogenizer) is a device that can produce oil from waste plastics such as PP, PE, PS, etc. and as you see the video, it consists of crusher, conveyor dry, Homogenizing, oil / water separator, the oil tank, the water tank and the charcoal canister. Homogenization of the plastic waste is a method of restoring to produce oil by heating and decomposition of waste plastics in the reverse direction from the manufacture of plastic products with oil as a material in the petrochemical industry. Low temperature pyrolysis is endothermic system with indirect heating of the waste at low temperature (350 ~ 450 ? ?) under an atmosphere of oxygen or anaerobic low and unstable forms radicals with the low adhesion portion being cut or similar structure the first The combination of binding torn at random. Radical reaction is the main FATURE. Pro-environmental and excellent clean fuel with prominent value as a resource is produced by less generation of pollutant materials in the transformation process of becoming small molecular weight substances through continuous phenomenon of cutting while the combination energy is transformed into combining structure of the organics through persistent reactions. The process flow is made of plastic waste grinder to small bits and pieces are moved to dry conveyor for removing moistures. Then, the waste is melted in the melting furnace through and enter decomposition furnace. This decomposition furnace transform fusion