Dec 262012

Panda Cubs

local band play their track All I Need to Live @ MYS. The live audio was recorded using an RME Fireface 800, Art Tube Opto 8, Focusrite preamps and Aphex OctoPre MKII 207. We used AKG D112 on kick, Sennheiser E604 on the snare, a Shure SM57 on the Hi-hat, a Sennheiser MD504 on floor tom, and a pair of Rodes NT5 as overheads. For low DI’d us with a tube preamp MP Studio Art and guitar miked with Sennheiser e906 we had. The voices are recorded using a Shure SM57. The song was followed, mixed and mastered in Logic Pro 9 by Iain Bolton Melrose Yard Studios, York. (
Video Rating: 5/5

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