Jan 252013

ADAM: The Republicrats continue to favor centralized fossil fuel, hydroelectric and nuclear power. EVE: We focus on power and within each structure. ADAM: The Republicrats promote electric cars and gasoline powered. EVE: We support magnetic mass and personal transportation. ADAM: The Republicrats want to bring manufacturing jobs. EVE: We nanofactories in every home. ADAM: The Republicrats think you should pay for your education and health. EVE: We believe that education and health care should be free for life. ADAM: The Republicrats think your retirement must be earned. EVE: We believe that you can be born into retirement. ADAM: The Republicrats want to keep up a large standing army. EVE: We believe that standing armies obsolete and offer all military functions to be automated, until others in world give primitive, barbaric behavior. ADAM: The Republicrats continue to agitate for the economy of scarcity. EVE: We recommend the economics of abundance. ADAM: The Republicrats want to seize power for themselves. EVE: Wed like to guarantee freedom for you. ADAM: The Republicrats are moving toward Apocalypse. EVE: Did Eden head. National Party were optimistic. Without too fine a point on it, we expect, we made the difference between us and other clear enough to earn your support in November. Thank you.

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