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article by Brian Jones

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the science of constructing components, equipment, materials and systems in a nanometer level, which means “near-atomic.” The word “nano” is a synonym for a billion. So, in nanotechnology, the works and operations in the scale 1/1, 000 million (including one with 1/1000000000) in total yards passing by. One such dimension and size is so small and thin. It is about 100,000 times smaller and more slender than a hair.

An atom is the building block of matter is, this small. For example, a DNA molecule that is the blueprint of life and basic foundation of human genetics, two nanometers in length. When a material of this size is expected to unique chemical and physical properties which are caused by various factors such as the significant increase in the surface of the material until a volume which, when a particle passing small comparison.

Why is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology plays a very important role today and in the future to change and improve every aspect of human activity. Nanotechnology affects a lot of materials used for the production of important products. These materials include biomaterials, ceramics, metals and polymers. . The new and improved materials are formed by nanotechnology, the source of the most important technological advances

As of today, nanotechnology is on the following commercial applications:

Sun protection lotion – With zinc oxide particles have a “nano” size, are Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is absorbed and reflected. As a result of sunscreen lotions to be transparent and smoothly applied. Before that is a sun cream, white and really sticky. Through nanotechnology, these lotions make customers more attractive

Self-cleaning windows and scratch resistant -. This type of window is actually a special material which has unique chemical properties of coating. When the sun shines on this self-cleaning windows, the material starts to a chemical reaction and leads to the degradation of dirt on them. Even if it rain, no droplets are formed. The rain water is spread evenly across the window and they wash the dirt that was broken. The nanoscale control the thickness of the layer

stain-resistant cloth or tissue -. This is actually a cloth dipped woven cotton fabric rolls in liquid form, which has made billions of nano fibers. The cotton is in a furnace which these infinitesimal fibers of cotton thread binds dried. As a result of the tissue, although not to liquid changes its appearance

bouncing tennis ball -. These balls are designed with a nano-material is coated. The molecular barrier of the ball, because these tiny particles traps the molecules of air, thus formed, what the tennis ball bouncier

Other notable applications of nanotechnology.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) – to monitor or TV screen
photovoltaic film – for the conversion of light into electricity
hip – formed by biomaterials
Bucky tube frame – it is easy, but remarkably very strong material
nano-particle ink – can be used to prevent corrosion
thermo-chromic glass – light regulated
magnetic layers – for compressed data storage used
Carbon Nanotube – fuel cells are used to operate vehicles and electronics

In the future, nanotechnology change the theories and applications that we believe and use. Manufacturing, information technology, electronics and communications have very advance future when nanotechnology are expanded.

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Visit these sites if you want more information about , why is nanotechnology important or is why the genome project happening in particular.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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