Sep 162012

It has been claimed that nanotechnology will lead to a second industrial revolution. This may seem like overkill, but I do not think it is. The most promising nanotechnology is molecular nanotechnology, which will allow us to build accurate atomic structures. With the help of molecular assemblers / nano-factories, we can make materials that are now considered almost zero value in super-fantastic products for almost nothing. This can help to solve our problems of resource scarcity, climate change and poverty in the world. ABOUT THE LICENSED MATERIAL I used a lot of pictures that I used are in the public domain. And many photos have a Creative Commons license. You can find links to all the different pictures with CC-I used here (link will appear shortly). The links will give you information on holders of copy-right-. Thank you very much to all those who liberated your work into the public domain, or gave him a CC-license! I think my use of the book cover clearly qualify as fair use: The animation of a nano-factory, as well as digitally generated image representing a nano-factory, were produced by Lizard Fire Studios (John Burch) and funded by a challenge-Nanorex.

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