Dec 082012

Characteristics and advantages of E-cloth

exceptional cleaning results especially on stainless steel and glass without streaks, no smears. Faster and easier than “old fashioned” chemical cleaning, just bring water, fold E-cloth and wipe. It is not necessary to double action on chemicals and remove them. Cost / environmentally-E-cloth reduces chemical costs and the need for household cleaning chemicals harmful to 90%. High Quality / E-durable-high heat fabric can be washed and dried 300 + times, killing any bacteria that may have been taken during the cleaning process. How E-cloth is Made Many people have used microfiber form or in their lives. This is not a new invention. Yet many people are unaware that all microfiber is not also created. In fact, it is the process of creation itself which sets out the E-machine cheaper cloths less effective alternatives. The difference that allows E-canvas to deliver an exceptional level of clean with just water and retain this ability on a life of 300 washes + is derived using only the highest grades of raw materials and a method of manufacturing state-of-the-art. The manufacturing process of top E machine uses technology to split and combine fibers create millions of tiny scrapers used to cut through dust, dirt, grime, oil, grease, bacteria without scratching surfaces. There are many factories producing microfibers using lower grades of material, particularly in China

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