Aug 152012


: RACE NEWARMS – nanofactories that manufacture many types of weapons available with incredibly precise computerized systems. While older technologies were both difficult and expensive, nano-weapons could be manufactured easily and quickly. Conventional Weapons style made new and more powerful weapons such as poison carriers nanorobots could be made by the billions of nearly cost-free and delivered remotely. Once inhaled, they can even be custom made to kill only those with specific genetic signatures, which used as a means of ethnic cleansing. An arms race could trigger uncontrolled development and testing of new weapons with unpredictable results. Experts agree that this is probably the No. 1 threat potential of molecular nanotechnology. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT AND DANGERS existential – The use of nano-factories to countless cheap products, sustainable could lead to the “disposable thought” where products are created and thrown into mass affluence, needs crushing recycling and the environment. Poor countries could use biomass (trees rich in carbon) as fuel for nano-factories, leading to increased deforestation. Experimentation in the nano-increasing plants and animals (for example, to make them bigger, smaller, faster, stronger, and so on) could easily lead to consequences on the run in the wild (“green goo “vs” gray goo “) that could threaten existing plants and animals, affect the food chain and pose unforeseen threats to human life. This is a major concern. Ecophage …
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