Nov 292012

Subscribe here: Watch SciTunes: nanotechnology is dangerous, but also everything else! Learn about the dangers and wonders of nano. Download our songs on The Cloud: Subscribe to my channel: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Check out my blog: www. Follow me on Tumblr More http Nano “Nano Dangerous”, written by Michael Wilson (coma niddy) Vybe Beatz beaten by directed by Michael Wilson (niddy coma) and Jennifer Sharma cast: Akash Sharma December Alyssa Charlotte Martin Jennifer Correa Maria Taveras TARRON green camera, editing, effects &: Michael Wilson (coma niddy) Lyrics: [Verse 1 – Radiation and the gasoline] Before we begin to fear Nano Technology say that it’s dangerous, consider this information each time you use a mobile device could expose you to harmful radiation assuming that it is in small quantities or even nominal Nano Everyone is obsessed by checking their Facebook pages, we can not deny we rely on these everyday things The benefits outweigh the risks, so we take it now before you hate To say that nanotechnology is deadly and can be used as a weapon gasoline is injected into your SUV is flammable and can explode every second that doesn ‘t prevent us from driving hummers and Jetta PORCH If UPS used horses, it should always We can not deny that we use and abuse
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